Disunity, Part 2 – Mission Accomplished

I’ve mentioned here on my blog how the last couple of months has seen my free-time being more and more consumed with completing work on the “Disunity, Part 2” episode and consequently, having the time to write and post new entries here has suffered. Fortunately, that situation has now been rectified with the release of “Disunity, Part 2” on Christmas Day and with the episode now out for public consumption, I think you can understand why I prioritized work on the episode at the expense of keeping this blog up to date.

Granted, it was never my intention to put writing for my blog on hold in favour of completing post-production work on this episode. But unfortunately, production on this episode simply took far longer than it should have Continue reading →


I’ll Be Right Back . . . After This Musical Interlude

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing much in my blog here lately and I fault that on the fact that I’ve been busy writing in another medium – music.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, I’m directing/producing my second episode for the amateur-based science-fiction series “Star Trek Unity”.  Production on the latest episode, “Disunity, Part 2” wrapped up at the end of August and much of my off-hours time has been spent knee deep in post-production work. While I learned the ropes of post-production working on “Disunity”, this time round I’ve added another new challenge to the mix – instead of utilizing cinematic scores written for other works, I plan on using music written specifically for this episode. Of course, the twist to this new approach is that I’m taking on the role of the composer who’ll create these original music compositions. Continue reading →