Disunity, Part 2 – Mission Accomplished

I’ve mentioned here on my blog how the last couple of months has seen my free-time being more and more consumed with completing work on the “Disunity, Part 2” episode and consequently, having the time to write and post new entries here has suffered. Fortunately, that situation has now been rectified with the release of “Disunity, Part 2” on Christmas Day and with the episode now out for public consumption, I think you can understand why I prioritized work on the episode at the expense of keeping this blog up to date.

Granted, it was never my intention to put writing for my blog on hold in favour of completing post-production work on this episode. But unfortunately, production on this episode simply took far longer than it should have Continue reading →


Landing A Parsec Award Nomination – It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

As some of you may have noted from my list of other blogs I write, in addition to blogging I also work on the creation of an original, dramatic series called “Star Trek Unity”. At the beginning of this month, I was informed about a major achievement for this production, something that we’ve now been able to share with the public. Our first audio dramatic presentation “Disunity”, which I directed, co-wrote and even acted a few roles in, has landed one of the five coveted nomination spots for the 2008 Parsec Award for “Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama – Short Form. On our project’s website and blog, we’ve made this news public along with our obvious pride and elation at landing this honour. But I wanted to use this outlet to speak about this accomplishment on a more personal level.

But before I do that, let me provide some background for those of you who are not familiar with this dramatic series. “Star Trek Unity” is an amateur series production set in the time period between the TV series “Star Trek Enterprise” and “Star Trek”, the Original Series. Our series will be a full CGI animation series, but for now, we’re releasing a set of audio-only episodes that serve as a prequel to our animation series, to help introduce and establish our original characters and some future story plot lines. Our premiere episode, “Disunity”, which was released last December, is a mystery story that centers around a terrorist attack on a Federation construction yard. The episode was written as an allegory to our ongoing conflicts with those who use acts of terrorism for political/social gain, with certain character actions mirroring the posturing of some world leaders on this issue as well as the fallout that events like 9/11 have had on our collective society. Although the main cast consists of amateur actors, we have been fortunate to land the talents of professional actor Kurt Carley, who quite effectively breathes life into the part of the leader of the terrorist organization. Continue reading →