Down . . . but not out

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been keeping my blog here up to date with any new content for about a month now. The simple truth behind this is that outside of the usual trappings of work and life, my time and creativity has been consumed with completing work on “Disunity, Part 2”, an audio drama piece I co-wrote and directed which I’m now preoccupied with creating various musical scores for. This has had the unfortunate result of taking up my time and energy to the point where I have little left to use for putting to pen my thoughts as of late.

However, I wanted to post a note here to show that I haven’t forgotten about this blog of mine. And given how I expect to complete work on “Disunity, Part 2” sometime this month, I am looking forward to getting back into posting on a regular basis here about the various topics and ideas that we were talking about . . . once again.